Thursday, November 5, 2009

The (Dirty) Yellow Brick Road

I couldn't walk these streets without my music.

From the second I walk out the door of our studio until I reach my final destination, you can bet my headphones are in, volume is cranked, and my feet are moving (almost too) quickly to the beat.

My lineup starts soft in the morning and rapidly speeds up by noon. (Imagine Patsy Cline and Adele opening for Sugarland and Jay Z.) The evening selection is usually up in the air, but more often than not it's The Avett Brothers.

There's something to be said about a great song that can completely remove you from everything going on around you. Whether I'm being sandwiched on the 6th train, hip checked by an all-too-cool Upper Eastsider, or being honked at by an aggrevated cabbie (Hey, the red hand was FLASHING. I can still walk, technically.), I like the rush of it all. The excitement of knowing my favorite line is coming up, and I've gotta get to the other side of the street so I can enjoy it. Or the end of "Laundry Room" when I cross over 3rd at 80th, and I hope that one part never ends. I always take my last block the slowest, and sometimes if I feel like it, I belt out all the words.

It's New York. There are far more crazier things going on than some little country girl singing the words to her favorite songs.

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Blair said...

I think you would appreciate the fact that LC and I had the cops called on us Saturday night for playing Empire State of Mind too loud at about 3am. And it went down at the scene of your all time best dance party...McBee. WE MISS YOU!